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Middle East and North Africa Media Sustainability Index
November 2006
Posted on 1 November 2006

Drawing on its unique experience in developing a successful Media Sustainability Index (MSI) for Europe and Eurasia over the past five years, IREX is now expanding its in-depth analysis of the conditions for independent media to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The first MENA MSI provides critical benchmark data and probing analysis of evolving media systems in the 18 countries of the region.

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Yemeni Women Seize Opportunity to Develop Professional Skills
August 2006
Posted on 1 August 2006

One after another, the young Yemeni women list their reasons: “I want to learn more.” “I want to be a journalist.” “I want to work for society.” This drive to make a difference has brought them to the Girls World Communication Centre in Sana’a for courses in computers, English, and leadership skills. Behind a protective wall, the Centre is a hive of activity as the women move from class to class or gather in the flower-edged courtyard. Run by women for women, the Centre’s all-female environment makes it suitable for many of those enrolled and their families.

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Making Waves: A Community Radio Project for Georgia
June 2006
Posted on 1 June 2006

For the first time in Georgia, the power of community radio will be exploited to serve the needs and promote the rights of ethnic and religious minority groups. These goals are to be achieved through an EU-funded project entitled "Making Waves: A Community Radio Project for Georgia" and co-funded by the British Embassy Tbilisi Global Conflict Prevention Pool.

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Coming to Terms with War Crimes: Media Bring the Hague Trials Home to the Citizens
February 2006
Posted on 1 February 2006

When retired Croatian General Ante Gotovina was captured in the Canary Islands in December, it marked a significant moment in the history of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). Third on the most wanted list behind only Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic, Gotovina is charged with crimes relating to the death or disappearance in 1995 of hundreds of Serbs following an offensive by Croatian forces under his command. The historic moment also shows that the media must remain engaged if the citizens in the region are to hear the facts of the case – a process that is necessary for the region to come to terms with the horrific events of the 1990s.

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Media Sustainability Index 2005
January 30, 2006
Posted on 30 January 2006

Russia, Uzbekistan and Belarus Headline Backsliding in Eurasia While Croatia Leads Steady Progress in Southeast Europe

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