Falesti Library Media Corner is opened, a great new resource for the local community and a testament to IREX Europe and the Novateca program, implemented by IREX in Moldova.

Falesti library’s media corner was officially inaugurated on December 21. The event gathered librarians from the region as well as representatives of the raional council and culture department from Falesti. Daniela Galai, from IREX Europe and Andrei Gavrilita from Novateca were also present.
Following capacity building trainings by IREX Europe Elena Negoita has run Media Literacy courses this summer and she has also created a Club of Young Journalists, whose members are high school students passionate about, journalism. Two of the young journalists showed their new skills at the inauguration by organizing an interactive dialog with the public, engaging them in a discussion about different types of media. “Students and librarians learned lots of useful things about today’s diverse media environment. Now they are better informed about the sources of the news and how to counter propaganda, misinformation and manipulation.”, Daniela Galai, IREX Europe program coordinator said.


In addition to the Media Corner inauguration, Novateca awarded 9 librariian who had taken part in two capacity building programs: “We grow together with the library” and “Trained Farmers grow better crops” with photo cameras, bean bags, flipchart tables and different games for kids. “It was a real pleasure to see how librarians shared their experience with their colleagues and how they managed together to help different groups of beneficiaries”, said Andrei Gavrilita, local coordinator of Novateca program.
Librarians who provided trainings and shared their knowledge and experience thanked Novateca for the great opportunities provided to their libraries, mentioning the great support from the local public administration and the big changes from their communities. “Due to this program, now we have heating in the library, the image of our institution has changed for the better as we managed to help children from vulnerable families”, said Ala Grajdianu, librarian from Obreja Veche, who replicated the service “We grow together with the library”.


Ala and her colleagues took also part in IREX Europe’s Media Literacy trainings, benefiting in a mutually reinforcing way from both the IREX Europe and Novateca programs.
“We were delighted to see how many things are going on in the libraries. Now it seems that this space addresses not only people who want to read, but also different categories of beneficiaries and people with different interests”, Valeriu Muduc, deputy president of the raional council declared.
The event ended with the traditional cutting of the ribbon for the Media Corner.