IREX Europe, Adala, Article 19 MENA and the UNESCO office for the Maghreb have launched a joint project to support an improved legal framework for freedom of expression, association and assembly in Morocco. On July 7th, a kick off meeting was held to launch the project and finalise activities and the project timeline, as well as ensure coordination with related projects and initiatives in Morocco.

The project focuses on supporting the implementation of new laws, regulations and regulatory bodies and will provide constructive input to draft laws or draft revised laws under review. This will be done by analyzing the current legal and regulatory framework in Morocco and advocating for its consistency with International standards and best practices.

We will also support and help foster civil society groups in Morocco develop a coordinated strategy to improve public understanding and support of freedom of expression, association and assembly. This will be the focus of the project’s second component by reinforcing media and civil society groups to perform a watchdog role ensuring better implementation of current existing laws and compliance with International Human Rights’ norms.

The project is led by IREX Europe, and will run initially for 26 months. Together with our partners we will build on the respective expertise of local stakeholders from national institutions, media, civil society and academics, to achieve the objectives of the project.