Rabat, October 24-25, 2017

Adala, along with the project’s partners; ARTICLE 19 MENA, UNESCO office for Maghreb countries and IREX Europe, organized the public launching of their joint project to foster the effective implementation of a legal framework conducive to Freedom of Expression, Association and Assembly in Morocco.  


The event gathered key stakeholders, including lawyers, media professionals, civil society actors, academics, and representatives from national institutions (more than 80 participants in total). The Minister of relations with the parliament and civil society, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication and Secretary General of the National Council for Human Rights gave introductory speeches and ensured their support to the project. The conference also allowed discussion on current legal frameworks and regulatory mechanisms for freedom of expression, association and assembly in Morocco. A plenary session presented key findings and conclusions of international and national experts on the status of the laws on Freedom of Expression, Association and Assembly. Thematic working sessions were then held to identify first priorities to work on for Moroccan civil society representatives.

Following this first activity, working groups’ workshops will be organized by Adala in order to focus more in-depth on concrete recommendations to improve the legal framework related to freedom of expression, association and assembly.

To know more about the project please check here.