Young and aspiring journalists who’ve graduated from IREX Europe’s learning by doing internships confirmed that combing practice with theory really works. The young journalists had each worked in a local media producing video and radio reports with the help of staff mentors over three months. Meeting IREX Europe project staff in Chisinau they confirmed that the practical work had taught them more than an entire academic course. For some this was their first experience of producing actual video reports.

IREX Europe’s project team held a monitoring and evaluation visit from November 12 to 17, and meeting project beneficiaries and current and potential media partners. Based on the evaluation next year’s activities will be modified to optimise the use of practical based, learning-by-doing activities for young journalists.

IREX Europe is running a large media literacy and media support programme in Moldova with funding support from the US government. The project combines training and support to young and aspiring journalists working with local media, as well as promoting media literacy by training librarians to run media literacy programmes for their local communities. See here for details.

Maria Caldare, the author of “Sheep and Hills” –