This year, the IREX Europe Team has grown in size and strength. As a team we took on the challenge of the Beaujolais marathon, running the 13 km event, beating last year’s Run in Lyon record of 10 km!

Despite the cold weather La Marathon International du Beaujolais gathered 16,500 runners and wine lovers, including the IREX Europe team. Participants came from 70 countries to take part in one of the 4 races of the Beaujolais Marathon, renowned for its colourful celebration of the locally produced wine. At the refreshment posts along the run, wine and saucisson is served along with water and the more traditional banana and cake. Teams compete not only to complete the run but to do so in the most outrageous costumes.

Nearly all the members of IREX Europe took part, and all of us completed the run crossing the line together. Next year maybe we’ll try the semi 🙂

The weather was friendly; cold but not wet, while the wine-breaks during the run gave us courage and strength.