A great story from our network partner IREX, with whom we collaborate working with community radio in Mozambique: 

NAMPULA, Mozambique, 30 November 2017 – Eliana is 23 years old and the mother of two small children aged 3 and 6. When her husband passed away unexpectedly in April, she discovered that she was two months pregnant and went to the local health center to get registered for prenatal consultations. The procedures at the health center required her to appear with her husband, however, and she did not have the money to obtain a copy of the death certificate. “The nurse did not believe that my husband had passed away, and I could not afford to pay for the death certificate, so I did not return to the clinic,” explains Eliana. Through the intervention of community radio journalists working with the Health & Nutrition Communication Network (HNCN), which is supported by IREX, Eliana recently started prenatal consultations at the health center. The journalists were able to address the requirement to appear with a husband at the health center, and the health center staff explained that the measure was put in place to encourage men to take part in prenatal consultations. When the journalists reported on the issue on the radio, the procedures were adjusted to become more flexible, so as not to prevent or discourage expecting mothers from seeking care. Eliana was also connected with a social worker, who was able to provide additional psycho-social support. The Media Strengthening Program (MSP) is funded by the Government of the United States of America, through its Agency for International Development (USAID), and implemented by IREX.

Ana Macuácua, an IREX staff member, interviewing Eliana (left) at the health center.


Eliana (right) accompanied by community radio reporters and a social worker at the health center.