In January 2018 IREX Europe began a new project supporting new women leaders and human rights activists in Eurasia, including in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. The 26-month project is supported by the EU and will provide leadership training, travel grants and other support to young women human rights defenders and ‘invisible women’ fighting for change in their local communities. Additionally, training will be organized in Strasbourg for lawyers working to protect women’s and girls’ rights including guidance on making applications to the European Court of Human Rights.

The inception meeting took place in February 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine. The first stage of the project is a needs assessment of the situation in all countries, including an analysis of the training needed by these young activists and ‘invisible women’. By the end of the project 50 young women human rights defenders, 50 ‘invisible women’ and 30 lawyers will have received training. Additionally, 100 people working to promote women’s and girls’ rights will have received support in the form of anti-burnout training, legal counselling or medical/psychological assistance.

Our partner organisation is recruiting in Moldova! See the job description here


Funded by the European Union.