For four years IREX Europe has been training librarians in Media and Information Literacy (MIL). Each year we select the most motivated librarians across Moldova and help them better understand the media and improve their training skills so they can go on to train other members of their communities.

The latest training took place on March 22-24 in Chisinau with a key topic being the question ‘what is the relationship between a librarian and media and information literacy?’

The three-day training was attended by 15 librarians from all over the country, and included workshops on:

  • Media means and functions.
  • What is a news? Characteristics of news.
  • The phenomenon of misinformation and media manipulation.
  • Interviews and articles.
  • The role of images in transmitting information.

The training was moderated by Natalia Grîu, teacher and media literacy trainer for IREX Europe.

A second training will be organized in May this year for those librarians who implement at least 4 MIL trainings in their communities and show interest and motivation to learn more about modern media.

The training was implemented in the framework of the Strengthening Independent media and Media Literacy in Moldova Project. To find out more about the project, please check here.