Strengthening the sustainability of community radios in Tunisia: In situ training in resource management and innovative economic models for Radio Nefzawa and Djerid FM

Two local community radios have signed advertising contracts with local businesses that will bring them much needed revenue and help them build self-sustainability. The contracts were signed by Radio Nefzawa and Djerid FM as a direct result of an IREX Europe training. Two in-house trainings with the radios Directors, marketing staff and journalists were held between April 2nd and April 10th 2018.


IREX Europe and its Tunisian partner l’Association Tunisienne des Médias Alternatifs (ATMA) organised the trainings in Kebili (Radio Nefzawa) and Tozeur (Radio Djerid) to  focus on financial sustainability, resource management, marketing and the development of innovative economic models.

The training was led by Michel Colin, an expert from Mediatic Conseils company. Following a learning-by-doing approach the radios worked to develop a sustainable resource management strategy and to set up income-generating activities are adapted to the radio stations. During the training Mr. Colin worked with the radios, visiting local businesses to present their marketing strategies, succeeding in signing contracts for advertisements with local business, for each radio, during the training.

The resource management training is part of the 24-month project “Strengthening the capacities of Tunisian social partners and media civil society” (TOKE) which started in April 2017 and is supported by the European Union.

The overall goal of the TOKE project is to contribute to the development of local information and citizen mobilization in the governorates of Tozeur and Kebili through the professionalization of community radios and through developing media literacy for youth and active civil society in these regions.

Funded by the European Union