On March 6th and 7th, 2018, the kick-off meeting for our PRIDE project: “Promoting Rights, Inclusiveness, Dignity and Equality for LGBT in Albania (PRIDE)” was held in Tirana, Albania. This 24-month project is implemented jointly by IREX Europe and its partners, Aleanca LGBT and Pro LGBT with support from the European Union.

The two-day project kick-off meeting allowed the partners to work together to update the project vis-à-vis the latest developments in Albania, as well as agree a final timeline, communication policy and vision for the project.

The PRIDE project aims to strengthen LGBT organisations and activists’ role in promoting acceptance, inclusion and protection of the LGBT minority in rural and urban Albania, with a particular focus on protecting at-risk marginalised LGBT youth, and to promote respect for LGBT peoples’ fundamental rights.

By the end of the project, 200 LGBT people will have benefited from service provision support by the Aleanca Community Centre, 12 homeless LGBT youth will have been cared for by the Streha Shelter, and local journalists will have benefited from training on human rights and ethics. We also plan to run a positive role model media campaign; promoting positive images of LGBTI community members and supporters of the community.

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Funded by the European Union.