A new joint project designed by local media in Moldova and in collaboration with local youth, aims to empower youth from rural areas to become active citizens and help to improve local media content.

As part of the “Empowering Youth to Become Civic Actors (EYCA)” project, five regional media organisation were selected to receive small grants of up to 5 000 EUR for the realisation of their projects.

On April 24, in Chisinau, IREX Europe organized the first orientation session for the beneficiaries. During the meeting, participants presented their projects and then discuss the potential synergies and collaboration between them.

The main goal of these projects is to increase freedom of expression in Moldova, working with youth and local media. The first aim is to empower youth from rural areas to become civic actors through media literacy training and blogging. Simultaneously, the project encourages local media to collaborate with youth and local authorities, to increase the quantity and quality of local production, as well as diversifying the content in their programming. As part of this program each media institution will develop at least 5 journalistic materials (TV, Radio, online, written press), working together with young people to chose the subjects for programmes and articles and help with the editing and writing of materials.

Angela Zaharova, Editor in Chief of Elita TV station from Rezina, northeastern Moldova, said:

“It would be good for all partners to exchange materials within the program, so we can distribute them on our channels. For example, TV Elita broadcasts in 6 districts, but has no emission in Ungheni raion. I think it would be interesting for our young people to find out what materials or problems the young people in Ungheni or other regions are experiencing”

Small grants have been awarded to Bass TV, PRO Media SRL, Expresul, Observatorul de Nord and Elita TV. This is funded by the European Union, as part of the EYCA project, which is implemented by IREX Europe and its partner, Youth Media Center.


Funded by the European Union.