On May 13th, Tirana Albania hosted its 8th annual Pride parade. Banners everywhere touted the event’s two mottos:  #krenaremeqenevetja and #kurajomedashuru. Respectively the hashtags mean “be proud to be yourself” and “be proud to love.”  Organizers picked them in an attempt to make this year’s Pride to be as inclusive as possible, welcoming equally LGBTI persons, minorities and the general populace. By all accounts they succeeded.

This year saw the event’s largest turnout ever and a number of high-ranking individuals even stepped out to show their support. The American, Swedish and Dutch ambassadors joined the festivities along with Albanian Minister of Health, Ortega Manastirliu and former Albanian Minister of Justice, Ylli Manjani. The following video, created by the Straha Shelter for their annual fundraising gala, beautifully captures the event’s jovial atmosphere.

PRIDE Albania, May 13th: