From June 4th to the 8th, IREX Europe traveled to Tirana, Albania as part of our PRIDE project supported by the EU to meet with our local partners, Aleanca LGBT, Pro LGBT and the Streha Shelter and to perform a critical project activity:  capacity assessments of our partners. Developing our partners’ organisational strength is one of the tenants of the PRIDE project and necessary to ensure improved and sustained provision of essential services to the Albanian LGBT community.

With support from our regional partner, the LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey (ERA), we analysed the specific needs of each organisation, gathering data which will inform tailored skill-building activities and serve as a base for future strategic planning. We held a number of focus groups within each organisation along with distributing a comprehensive organisational strategy questionnaire. Across all three organisations we found a need to focus on their approach to fundraising, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and communication.

The next step will be to develop each organisation’s capacity building strategies by identifying training needs and experts to carryout said trainings. Given ERA’s large pool of regional experts, the organisation will play a key role in training our local Albanian partners.

Furthermore, we are looking forward to coordinating our actions with the human rights organisations COC Netherlands and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee.  On Wednesday June 6th, IREX Europe attended the kick-off meeting for their new project MATRA, which aims to promote respect for LGBTI rights, by engaging the police and the justice community to better combat discrimination and hate crimes.  Like us, they plan to work extensively with Aleanca and Pro LGBT.


To find out more about PRIDE and the project’s upcoming work, please click here.