8 journalists went on a blog tour to visit community radios across Morocco, helping raise awareness of the importance of community media work and its challenges in Morocco.

Led by Mr. Essoulami, expert on Community media and Access to Information, the tour started with a general introduction about the role of community radios globally, their history, the legal regulations and international organizations that support them. Mr Essoulami explained how community radios started in 2012, but have struggled for legal recognition, and how still today the public authorities are reluctant to include them in the audiovisual communication law.

The blog tour took the journalists to the following radios:

The blog tour allowed the journalists to meet first hand the teams of volunteers and witness the benefits the radios bring to their communities. They saw how they cover local issues and often cover the issues of vulnerable groups such as single mothers.

They also learned how hard it is to recruit and retain volunteers, and how community radios struggle for financial survival. After the tour the journalists were tasked with writing articles and blogs and posting them on social media – raising understanding and awareness of community radios amongst ordinary Moroccans.