The month of November has seen many improvements and changes for IREX Europe ’s LGBT partners in Albania: Alliance against Discrimination LGBT and PRO LGBT. In fact, thanks to the excellent support and facilitation of ERA – LGBTI Equal Rights Association for the Western Balkans and Turkey, both partner organisations  have undergone strategic planning workshops. The aim of the workshops was for each organisation to develop a clear strategic plan for the next three years (2019-2021) and to prepare their Annual Action Plans for 2019.

Members of the organisations first analysed their internal environment and external context, LGBTI situation and put together a mapping of key stakeholders. Then, based on their identified driving values, the participants redefined their organisation’s vision, mission and objectives for the next three years.

The two organisation’s teams then developed action plans for 2019 where they translated their priorities into concrete activities aimed at reinforcing their support to the LGBT community, and also strengthening each organisation.

PRO LGBT’s main objectives for 2019-2021 are to:

  1. build and strengthen internal capacities of the organisation;
  2. Engage with and empower the LGBTI and other communities;
  3. Change hearts and minds towards LGBTI people and other communities;
  4. Advocate towards institutions for the protection and promotion of the rights of LGBTI people and other communities;

Aleanca’s main objectives for 2019-2021 are to:

  1. Maintain, build and strengthen the organisational capacities of Aleanca’s staff;
  2. Protect, empower and mobilise the LGBTI community;
  3. Promote and advocate for the rights of LGBTI communities.

IREX Europe’s support to help strengthen our partner LGBT organisations in Albania is financed under the PRIDE project of the European Union. Two more trainings to strengthen our partner organisations are planned for February and March in Tirana – again with the regional LGBTI network ERA’s support.