Young Moldovans visit organic farms and meet experts and officials to better understand organic agriculture in Moldova.

IREX Europe and Centrul Media pentru Tineri organized a media tour for young Moldovans interested in journalism careers, taking them to farms from Ialoveni to Drochia. 13 young Moldovans were mentored by professional journalists on the tour from 19 to 20 April. The tour, Living Eco – Eating Organic, allowed them to understand how organic agriculture works and gave them the chance to interview farmers, experts and officials. With the help of their professional mentors they will now produce media reports – based on sound research and facts on the tour.

The youth learned about the challenges farmers face in getting “organic” certification and in finding national and international markets for their produce.

On the first day, the participants were introduced to the basics of organic agriculture and the general context in the country. They got to meet Marcela Stahi – Head of Ecological Production at the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development of Moldova, as well as Grigore Daraban, representative of Certification Body Control Union Dnjestr, and Alexei Micu a Farmer and Chief Executive at Moldova Organic Value Chain Alliance.

On the second day, they visited local farmers to see first-hand how production works, and of course to taste some of the produce.

The tour traveled from Ialoveni to Drochia, stopping at the agricultural cooperative Moberry (Ialoveni) that produces chips, fruit pickle, dried fruits and nuts. Then they went on to the farm of Alexei Micu – Micu & Co SRL in Olişcani village, Soldanesti to visit two certified organic fields of wheat and peas, and walnut and plum orchards.  Finally, at Maria Darii Farmhouse in Chetrosu village, Drochia district, they enjoyed a tasty organic lunch provided by the farmers.

The purpose of the Media Tours is to increase reporting on important current social issues of national and local importance. The youth are guided in their media productions by professional journalists, such that quality media outputs are produced and disseminated by partner media, helping increase the content and quality of media coverage on issues of social importance – and helping give Moldovans access to quality independent information.


The EYCA project, is implemented by IREX Europe and its partner, Youth Media Center and funded by the European Union.