From June 27 to 29, 13 journalists and citizen journalists participated to a blog tour on access to information related to environmental issues

In Morocco, environmental governance is a process that is still too centralized and does not sufficiently take into account the needs of citizens at the local level. Yet environmental problems have a direct negative impact on the living conditions and resources of the population, especially the most vulnerable groups. Morocco’s new constitution promotes participatory and accountable governance. The new law on the right of access to information and newly created institutions can help public and private actors report on their decisions and actions and enable a more inclusive approach. But this requires better knowledge by civil society organizations, media and citizens of their right to access to information, as well as the opportunity to participate in decision-making on issues related to environmental pollution.

The blog tour allowed the 13 journalists and citizen journalists to better understand the current situation of the right to access environmental information, international commitments and the Moroccan legal framework by meeting both national institutions and civil society organizations such as the minister in charge of the reform of administration and public services, the High Commissioner for Water and Forests and the fight against desertification, the State Secretariat for Sustainable Development, the Association of Professors for life and earth science or the President of the Commission for the Right to Access Information.

The journalists then published articles on the topic in order to raise awareness of a larger public.