For the second year in a row IREX Europe is helping young people better connect with their local media in Moldova.

From March 2019, over 200 youth from 6 local communities have been trained in the basics of journalism and have been given the opportunity to collaborate with local media stations in their regions: Drochia TV, Albasat TV, GRT, #Diez, Radio Moldova Tineret and Ziua de Azi.

58 motivated young people were selected to take part in this activity and have worked with their local media, seeing first-hand how news and information is gathered and produced, and getting the chance to make their own media content.

Between April and July we conducted 2 in-house consultation and training sessions with the selected local media to help them assess their needs, improve production and develop a strategy for working with young people. Regional media is struggling with the migration of their content online but thanks the opportunities available within this project, including guidance and mentoring from experts and the involvement of young people who are active online, they managed to increase their audiences between 8 and 200%.

We also aim to increase the youth audience of these local media, through working directly with young people to develop content tailored to their interests. As a result, by the end of June 2019, youth volunteers had created 28 multimedia productions and at least the same number is expected to be produced and broadcast by the end of their projects. From their reports we can see that youth are sensitive to Moldova’s current issues like: immigration, illegal deforestation, youth with disabilities, etc.

Some example of the work produced can be found here:

The impact of migration on youth

Best students from Nisporeni were awarded

Activities are part of the Empowering Youth to become Civic Actors project, funded by the EU and Strengthening Independent Media and Media Literacy Project, funded by the US Department of State.