On the 6th of November, IREX Europe organised a training day for Moldovan librarians at the Excellence Center of the city of Straseni. The twelve librarians that attended were from different regions of Moldova and were all media literacy trainers having already received Media and Information Literacy (MIL) TOT through SIMML II (IREX Europe’s media literacy project in Moldova).

During the first part of the day, the now ‘super-trainers’ had an orientation meeting with Gabriela Bulduma, the executive director of the Association of Librarians of the Republic of Moldova (ABRM). They discussed future opportunities for small grants and partnerships in Moldova aiming make libraries and regions more active in the field of MIL. These ‘super trainers’ have all already run trainings and activities in their home regions, as well as training of trainers, but were all interested in further collaboration, including with IREX Europe.

In the afternoon, Daniela Galai and Flora Graioni from IREX Europe ran a training session focused on how to successfully write applications for funding. The session covered areas of interest for MIL donors, how to identify problems in their local communities and how to use their unique and important insight into their own communities to propose relevant ideas and addressing their more pressing issues. The ‘super trainers’ then worked in groups to understand and complete a typical logical framework of an application to help them with their potential future applications.