IREX Europe’s Empowering Youth to become Civic Actors (EYCA) project officially closed on the 7th of November 2019, in Chisinau, Moldova. EYCA ended after two years of intense and successful programing, and to mark its closing we held a meeting with our funder, the European Union, and the project partners.

This closing meeting was used to review the project, share experience and to showcase our work towards increasing freedom of expression through stronger regional media and a more aware youth in Moldova.

The project’s main outputs were:

  • 66 media literacy trainings implemented in 58 localities for 1,323 young people
  • 6 Media Tours with 72 participants where organized during the project.
  • 365 young people participated in two editions of “Multimedia Connector for Youth” a youth MIL Fair.
  • 11 local media received small grants for projects where they worked with youth and local stakeholders
  • 1,121 youth gained journalism and MIL skills participating in information sessions, training and production with our media partners.
  • 243 media products were produced by youth, broadcast on local TV stations and Canal Regional over 247 times.
  • Our local and regional media small grants beneficiaries increased their audience from between 3,3% to 159%.
  • 25 public discussions on social topics relevant to youth were organized, for a total of 743 participants

The closing meeting brought together IREX Europe’s project partners; the Youth Media Center team, IREX Europe’s Moldova Team, IREX Europe’s Director Mike de Villiers and Deputy Director Flora Graioni as well as Project Manager Fabien Schaeffer from the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova.

The external evaluator of the project, Gheorghe Caraseni, also attended and presented a summary of his findings. This allowed the partners to discuss the achievements and lessons learned of the project.

EYCA was funded by the European Union and the project purpose was to increase freedom of expression in Moldova by: empowering youth from rural areas to become civic actors through training in media literacy and blogging; encouraging local media in Moldova’s regions to collaborate with youth and local authorities; and increasing civic dialogue in rural areas, including through public dialogue on social issues.