25 June 2020 in Lyon – As a member of the French Human Rights Network (Plateforme des droits humains – PDH), IREX Europe is proud to share the following report title COVID-19 and Human Rights, Impacts and Consequences of the Pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how much the right to health and access to care is far from being effective and guaranteed rights to all. While this exceptional crisis aggravates the inequalities that already existed in accessing care, it also affects others fundamental rights by disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable groups.

For several weeks, human rights organisations observe particularly disturbing situations where governments are using the health crisis to curb even more fundamental freedoms and undermine the rule of law. Around the world, in Europe and in France, the vigilance of human rights NGO is key to ensure that measures adopted by States achieve a legitimate public health goal using the least intrusive approach.

The Human Rights Platform (PDH) does not dispute the drastic measures that have been taken to stem this pandemic but it calls for the greatest vigilance as to the respect for international promotion and protection of human rights. Additionally, the PDH calls for the necessity that any restriction imposed must be able to be challenged in court.  Faced with this crisis of a unprecedented scale that has changed our lifestyles, concerns keep increasing.

Noting the deterioration of their working conditions, our members and partners have implemented contingency plans, related to virus prevention and new activities adapted to this reality, aiming above all to redirect actions advocacy and reallocation of costs.

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