Libraries are a safe place to get accurate information! This is the message of a social campaign launched by IREX Europe in the framework of the “Strengthening Independent Media and Media Literacy in Moldova” project.

The 2-minute video-spot shows how librarians have strong expertise in media and information literacy which they can share with the general public. Due to their active participation in running media literacy activities in the regions, they have managed to change the image of the library itself – from a static place that stores books into an interactive and engaging location where you can find lots of new information that can positively affect your life.

The video-spot aims to raise awareness about the importance of being media literate and encourage people to use media corners set up in libraries to better inform themselves and to be guided by trained librarians in how to check if news and information is true or not.

More than 150 librarians across Moldova are actively engaging with their community members in media and information literacy, encouraging and helping the general public to think critically about information they are consuming.

The video spot was produced by Pascaru Production in coordination with IREX Europe and filmed in the media corner at the “Vasile Alecsandri” library, in Telenesti. Maria Furdui had the main role in the video spot, she’s a Senior MIL trainer who’s trained under IREX Europe’s training of trainer programme for librarians in media and information literacy. It was her first experience of making a video, working along with profession actors and a production company, but according to her, it was an honor to represent the national librarian’s community involved in the fight against propaganda, fake news and misinformation.