22 Tunisian youth, coming from six different governorates gathered at a Media and Information (MIL) Summer Academy, in Hammamet from August 24th to 30th. The youth (aged 17 to 30) spent the week learning MIL techniques as well as video and multi-media production techniques. The youth were guided by 13 supervisors including an expert in audiovisual production and 5 MIL experts. Over the week the youth learned how to more safely navigate the online world, how to consume critically media and information, making them better able to make informed decisions, identifying misleading propaganda, disinformation and hate speech.

The youth also learned how to make their own media content, producing seven videos after learning video production and story-telling techniques. A better understanding of content production is a vital part of MIL as youth are increasingly producers of content shared on multiple platforms. Knowing how to make better quality more accurate content also helps make the youth more aware consumers of content.

The Hammamet Summer Academy was implemented under IREX Europe’s JAMIL.Net project in close collaboration with our partner Alternative Media. Under JAMIL.Net we’ve provided training of trainer capacity building for 14 local MIL experts, building a pool of local MIL experts, and it was these experts who led the training for the youth at the Academy.

The Academy ended with a quiz on MIL, broadcast live by Radio Fouk Essour, with support from IREX Europe’s SAIFE project – on Facebook. Who won? Check it out here!


JAMIL.Net is funded by the Agence Française de Développement, the EIPP programme and the Fondation de France.