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IREX Europe is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organisation providing innovative programmes to improve the quality of education, strengthen independent media, foster pluralistic civil society development, and reduce conflict. The IREX Europe approach emphasizes partnerships with local development organisations to expand capacity, build sustainable institutions and affect change through training, partnerships, education, research and grant programmes. ... Learn more about IREX Europe.

Latest news
- IREX Europe Annual Report 2015

IREX Europe releases its 2015 annual report, highlighting our work across the Middle East and North Africa to promote and support the reform of state media and freedom of expression in the region.

4 May 2016

- Save the Date for the Conference “24 Years of EU Citizenship: What We Stand to Lose” on 18 May

Nearly 25 years after the concept of EU citizenship was first enshrined in the EU Maastricht Treaty, it is time for a thorough assessment of the key achievements and the pending challenges where more work remains to be done in order for citizens to fully reap the rights and privileges that come with it.

25 April 2016

- IREX Europe Debate on Migration and Development Aid

IREX Europe is holding a public debate on migration and development aid in Lyon, France, on March 12th, 2016.

9 March 2016

- Helping Librarians promote media literacy in Moldova

The week of February 15-20, IREX Europe trained 25 librarians on issues such as; “when does information become news?”; “how to distinguish news from opinion?”; “how to check the credibility of information?”.

26 February 2016

- A tour of Telenesti Raional Public Library, a modern library in today’s Moldova

On February 23rd 2016, IREX Europe, Novateca and the Telenesti Raional Public Library organised a tour of the Modern Library of Telenesti, to explore the different library services and inaugurate the Library’s media corner.

26 February 2016

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IREX Europe assists in the development of nations and peoples by providing services, programs, infrastructure and technologies that improve the quality of education, strengthen independent media, foster pluralistic civil society development, and reduce conflict.

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IREX assisted in the founding of IREX Europe and the organizations continue to collaborate as network partners.
Aderly, the Chamber of Commerce for Lyon, and OnlyLyon assisted IREX Europe in establishing its headquarters in Lyon.