The International Journalism Festival is held annually in Perugia, Italy, and is considered to be one of the biggest media events in Europe. It attracts journalists, academics, students and Media agencies, who get free access to keynote talks, workshops and panel discussions on media in society.

For the 2017 festival, IREX Europe will host apanel discussion on “Media and Information Literacy: Navigating today’s multi-format media and information landscape in Europe and beyond" (final time and venue to be confirmed).

The panel will discuss how, Media and Information Literacy (MIL) actors need to be proactive and find creative technical, cognitive, social, and civic solutions for increasing citizens’ access to reliable objective information. At a time when manipulation and dis-information is an increasing threat, MIL actors can empower citizens to be able to identify and access independent information sources, to engage critically with what they read and have a critical understanding of the media in all its forms. During the panel discussion media researchers and professionals will present different examples of MIL actions and their relevance in specific countries and for specific needs. They will show effective ways to teach media literacy and demonstrate that it is an important prerequisite both for fostering equitable access to information and for promoting free, independent and pluralistic media and information systems.


  • Katya Vogt, IREX Ukraine Director
  • Alina Ostling, Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom
  • Flora Graioni, IREX Europe Deputy Director
  • Bayan Tal, Senior adviser at the Jordan Media Institute (JMI)

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The 2016 festival was a 5-day programme involving 549 speakers and over 250 sessions and workshops.

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