About Us

IREX Europe is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation working to improve education, strengthen independent media, reduce conflict, and support democracy and human rights.

The IREX Europe approach emphasises partnerships with local development organisations and provides training and capacity building in order to create sustainable change.

IREX Europe, registered as an association in France, has an annual turn-over of €2.7 million with funding support from multiple donors, including the EU, United Nations, and individual governments.


Our Goals

– Develop capacities of local/grassroots organisations

– Support civil society development

– Help civil society organisations to increase links with media

Our Objectives

IREX Europe’s work is therefore guided by three simple but powerful objectives linked to the goals above.

1) To develop as a well-managed, efficient NGO motivating staff through providing incentives and development opportunities.

2) To become a stable NGO with diverse funding, key thematic programming and a broad but appropriate geographic spread.

3) To provide and facilitate high quality, high impact programming with a lasting local effect in close coordination with local partners

To achieve these objectives, IREX Europe will need to maximise its own resources and mobilise its partners to maximum effect.


IREX Europe Staff

Mike, Director
IREX Europe Director Mike de Villiers has over 20 years experience in journalism, international development and media programme management. In that time, Mike has been based in Canada, Britain, Macedonia and France, and has worked in Eastern and Central Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, Eurasia and Asia. He has a strong background in international affairs with a particular focus on the European Union.

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Flora, Deputy Director
Deputy Director Flora Graioni has been with IREX Europe since September 2007, managing media, media and information literacy and civil society projects funded by different organizations such as the EU, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and UN agencies. She is also involved in partnership development and project design.

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Anne-Katrin, Project Manager
Anne-Katrin joined IREX Europe as Programme Manager in March 2015. She manages IREX Europe’s projects to promote fundamental rights and to support Human Rights Defenders. She is also involved in project design and partnership development.

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Viorica, Project Manager
Viorica Palamarciuc joined IREX Europe in April 2016. Starting October 2016, Viorica is managing IREX Europe’s Media and Information Literacy program in Moldova and provides support for the implementation of different donor funded projects. She is also involved in general research on human rights issues and independent media/ freedom of the press issues.

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Pauline, Project Manager
Pauline Zanetti joined IREX Europe as a project manager in May 2017. She is overseeing our work in Eurasia and Tunisia, focusing on the promotion of human rights, improving media literacy, and strengthening community radios.

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Florence, Project Manager
Florence Duvauchelle joined IREX Europe in October 2016 as a project manager and new business developer, coming from 10 years experience in international development.

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Victoria, Project Manager
Victoria Stephens joined IREX Europe in January 2017. She manages IREX Europe’s projects in gender equality and media literacy.

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Gabrielle, Financial Manager
Gabrielle Joint joined IREX Europe in May 2017 as IREX Europe’s Finance Manager, and oversees the financial management of all of our projects.

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Natalia, Project Manager
Natalia Gladkova joined IREX Europe in April 2016 and manages IREX Europe’s projects promoting freedom of expression and human rights in the Eastern Partnership partner countries. In addition, Natalia contributes to partnership and project development.

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IREX Europe Board

Mark Whitehouse, IREX Europe President
IREX Europe President Mark Whitehouse has more than 20 years of experience in democratic and media development. He has been involved with IREX Europe since its inception in 2004 serving as its first Secretary/Treasurer.

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Helena Stohanzlova, IREX Europe Secretary/Treasurer
IREX Europe Secretary/Treasurer Helena Stohanzlova is a dedicated human rights and democracy expert with 10 years experience in international relations.

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Abdullahi Ahmed Abdullahi, IREX Europe Board Member
Board Member Abdullahi Ahmed Abdullahi is Director of KOW Media Corporation (KMC), a Somali-owned media company based in Hargeisa, Somailand. Abdi also set up and runs the KOW Media Foundation an NGO based in Hargeisa which promotes peace in the Horn of Africa.

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Patrick Penot, IREX Europe Board Member
Board member Patrick Penot Board is director of the Lyon-based international theatre festival ’Sens Interdit’ and has worked for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Florence Wady, IREX Europe Board Member
Board member Florence Wady joined IREX Europe in 2017. She is currently a full professor at the Catholic University of Lyon and a member of the Institute for Human Rights of Lyon.

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Aleksander Dardeli, IREX Europe Board Member
Board member Aleksander Dardeli joined IREX Europe in 2016. He is currently Executive Vice President for Strategy and Development of IREX Europe’s sister organisation IREX, based in Washington DC in the USA.

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