Human Rights

IREX Europe works to promote fundamental rights in closed societies. We work with Human Rights Defenders to strengthen their capacity in the field, to strengthen local and international networking and to provide emergency support and legal support to victims of repression.

Our work in this area includes:

  • Training campaigners and human rights organisations, including workshops in law, advocacy, internet marketing and new technologies.
  • Providing digital and/or physical protection and assistance to human rights organisations
  • Supporting artistic and cultural events to promote human rights
  • Travel funds to allow human rights defenders to attend events and training
  • Creating an online legal resource for human rights lawyers and paralegals and providing rapid-response training
  • Emergency funds to provide legal, financial or material aid to people are at risk, facing unfair detention or prosecution.
  • National and international campaigning on media freedom cases before the ECHR
  • Assisting youth and community leaders at a grassroots level to strengthen community ties and facilitate dialogue, including in post-conflict zones.
  • Running workshops to bringing citizens and marginalized groups into peace and community building processes