Media Development

Since its creation in 2004, IREX Europe has worked to strengthen local and independent media, aiming to improve the sustainability, quality and accuracy of reporting.

We have worked on numerous projects to enhance the role of the media as vectors for democratisation and to support freedom of expression.

Our work in this area includes:

  • Practical training, including: video and radio production and post-production; investigative journalism; in-depth reporting; and multimedia and mobile reporting.
  • Organisational training including: management skills; leadership; audience research; marketing and promotion; and financial sustainability.
  • Training specialist journalists, including in HIV/AIDS, anti-trafficking, anti-corruption, investigative and computer-assisted reporting.
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring and international secondment activities.
  • Training and support for media lawyers including online media law distance learning tools and study tours to witness ECHR proceedings.
  • Fostering media-NGO and media-government relations and developing media associations and support institutions.
  • Core support to media in closed countries