Gender Equality

IREX Europe works internationally to promote the rights of women and to combat discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex persons.

Media and Information Literacy

IREX Europe is committed to empowering citizens to engage critically with what they read and to increase their access to accurate and objective information.

Freedom of expression

IREX Europe provides assistance and capacity building to media organisations, journalists, media lawyers and civil society organisations (CSOs) focused on media freedom.

Human Rights

IREX Europe works to promote fundamental rights in closed societies. We work with Human Rights Defenders to strengthen their capacity in the field, to strengthen local and …

Media Development

Since its creation in 2004, IREX Europe has worked to strengthen local and independent media, aiming to improve the sustainability, quality and accuracy of reporting.

Cross Cutting

– using culture in the form of film, theatre and art to promote dialogue and peace promoting grassroots activism  the use of innovative techniques such as blog-tours, mobile cinema, meet-ups empowering young women and men through interactive leadership and mentoring promoting human rights at all levels; LGBTI, children, women, minorities

– Designing, budgeting and implementing innovative programmes

– Ensuring project financial management and reporting to the highest standards

– Conducting open and transparent recruitment and selection of programme participants

– Implementing assessment, monitoring and evaluation procedures before, during and after projects

Project by Country

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All our projects

EU - Media Neighbourhood Programme EU – Media Neighbourhood Programme The European Commission has officially launched Media Neighbourhood – a 3 year programme to train over 1200 journalists across 17 EU neighbouring countries and territories. IREX Europe is part of a consortium led by BBC Media Action who will deliver journalism training and networking activities.
Kenya:  Theatre to Promote Peace and Understanding among Kenyan and Somali communities Kenya: Theatre to Promote Peace and Understanding among Kenyan and Somali communities IREX Europe, in partnership with the Kenyan Community Support Centre, is implementing a project which helps disenfranchised youth address and work through conflict and community tensions using theatre. Our team uses Drama for Conflict Transformation (DCT) which is a special Forum Theatre methodology that creates a safe space allowing discussion of normally taboo subjects such as the drivers of conflict, women’s rights, radical Islam, and many others.
Somaliland:  Interactive Theatre for Peace Somaliland: Interactive Theatre for Peace IREX Europe will continue work with its Hargeisa-based partner Kow Media Corporation to promote peaceful dialogue on community issues. The project, funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, targets 48 Somali communities in the 6 regions of Somaliland utilising Drama for Conflict Transformation methodologies. IREX Europe and its partners have successfully implemented the methodology with Somali communities in Kenya, in Indonesia and in Central Asia.
Belarus:  Support to Freedom of Expression via Independent Broadcasting and New Media Belarus: Support to Freedom of Expression via Independent Broadcasting and New Media The 26-month project Support to freedom of expression via independent broadcasting and New Media officially launched in January 2011. The project, which focuses on radio programming production, training for journalists and civic journalism practioners, as well as developing sustainble youth-orientated civic journalism platforms, is supported by the European Union.
Belarus : Improving Media Education Belarus : Improving Media Education The 30-month international project "Belarus: Improving Media Education" was officially launched in Vilnius in May 2010. The project, which focuses on building capacity at the European Humanities University to enhance journalism skills and create TV programming, is supported by the EU and is implemented jointly by IREX Europe and its partners the BBC World Service Trust (BBCWST) and the European Humanities University (EHU).
Lebanon:  Youth Community Empowerment Program Lebanon: Youth Community Empowerment Program The IREX Europe Youth Community Empowerment Program, funded by Global Opportunities Fund of the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, is a targeted intervention to address the causes of radicalization among young people in Lebanon.