Gender Equality

IREX Europe works internationally to promote the rights of women and to combat discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex persons.

Media and Information Literacy

IREX Europe is committed to empowering citizens to engage critically with what they read and to increase their access to accurate and objective information.

Freedom of expression

IREX Europe provides assistance and capacity building to media organisations, journalists, media lawyers and civil society organisations (CSOs) focused on media freedom.

Human Rights

IREX Europe works to promote fundamental rights in closed societies. We work with Human Rights Defenders to strengthen their capacity in the field, to strengthen local and …

Media Development

Since its creation in 2004, IREX Europe has worked to strengthen local and independent media, aiming to improve the sustainability, quality and accuracy of reporting.

Cross Cutting

– using culture in the form of film, theatre and art to promote dialogue and peace promoting grassroots activism  the use of innovative techniques such as blog-tours, mobile cinema, meet-ups empowering young women and men through interactive leadership and mentoring promoting human rights at all levels; LGBTI, children, women, minorities

– Designing, budgeting and implementing innovative programmes

– Ensuring project financial management and reporting to the highest standards

– Conducting open and transparent recruitment and selection of programme participants

– Implementing assessment, monitoring and evaluation procedures before, during and after projects

Project by Country

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All our projects

Yemen : Young Women’s Leadership Programme Yemen : Young Women’s Leadership Programme The Young Women’s Leadership Programme in Yemen works with young women, ages 22 to 25, to build technical and professional skills for leadership roles in civil society and media. IREX Europe and its network partner IREX, work together with local partner, the Girls World Communication Center in Sana’a, 100 young women have the opportunity to gain essential technical and life skills through training and work-study opportunities.
Serbia: Support for Media Capacity in the Area of EU Integration Serbia: Support for Media Capacity in the Area of EU Integration The Support for Media Capacity in the Area of EU Integration project, funded by the European Commission, aims at strengthening the role of the media as Serbia works to make the changes it needs to join the European Union. The project will provide technical assistance to local media in Serbia to enhance their capacity to inform the public about the many aspects of EU integration. IREX Europe is implementing the project as part of a consortium led by the BBC World Service Trust (Britain) and in partnership with Mreza PG Production Group (Serbia) and LDK Consultants Engineers and Planners (Greece).
Worldwide - EU Framework Contract Worldwide – EU Framework Contract IREX Europe is currently involved in the EC's Framework Contract Lot 7 which focuses on Culture, Governance and Home Affairs, through Human Rights, Democracy and Institutional Strengthening
Yemen : Camera as Voice Yemen : Camera as Voice IREX Europe and IREX, working with the Youth Leadership Development Foundation, based in Sana’a, will train youth organizations in Aden, Taiz, Hadramot, and Ibb to build their capacity to offer youth training and leadership programs. The young people’s films will be woven together to produce professional documentary serving as a “tapestry” of young Yemenis’ views on these issues.