Belarus: Support to Freedom of Expression via Independent Broadcasting and New Media



The 26-month project Support to freedom of expression in Belarus via independent broadcasting and New Media was officially launched in January 2011. The project, which focuses on radio programming production, training for journalists and civic journalism practioners, as well as developing sustainable youth-orientated civic journalism platforms, is supported by the European Union.

The project is implemented jointly by IREX Europe and its partners: the BBC Media Action and Euroradio (ERB), and aims to train 150 youth civic and broadcast journalists in multi-media journalism. Training participiants will then go on to produce at least 100 productions for programmes on Euroradio. The project is a follow on to a previous successful European Union supported project which began in January 2008.

The project aims to further improve Euroradio’s one-hour daily information and music programme ‘EuroZOOM,” and the weekly 30-minute ‘Forum Belarus’ programme by making it more relevant to its target youth audience. ‘Youth News’ with content devoted exclusively to youth issues and civic activism will be incorporated each week into EuroZOOM through content produced by journalists trained during the projects. Topics will include but are not limited to: student lifestyles, required work placement stories, social responsibility and civic activism, cultural and civic promoters, etc. Over the project, trained participants and project partners will produce 460 daily ‘EuroZoom’ and 90 weekly ‘Forum Belarus’ programmes.

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