Empowering Youth to Become Civic Actors (EYCA)


The overall goal of the project is to increase freedom of expression in Moldova by: empowering youth from rural areas to become civic actors through training in media literacy  and blogging; encouraging local media in regions to collaborate with youth and local authorities; and increasing civic dialogue in the rural areas, including through public dialogue on social issues.


Objective 1 : building the capacities of young and active citizens to report on social and political issues through training in media literacy and blogging about their local communities

Objective 2 : support local media in the raions and improve their capacity to provide quality content through collaboration with youth and local authorities

Objective 3 : increasing community dialogue on social issues in the raions, including through public discussions, readings and other events on human rights and social issues.


The importance of media literacy is increasingly recognized in Moldova for a number of reasons ranging from the influence of false information; the influence of oligarch dominated media; the lack of professionalism within Moldovan media; and the lack of media literacy amongst the general population.

The consortium’s experience in media literacy shows that Moldovans, especially in the rural areas, lack the necessary skills to critically analyse local, national and international news. Moreover, because of the week capacity of local media, subjects related to local communities are often not reported appropriately or even covered at all. As a result, people in rural areas feel isolated and disinterested in the news, increasing their potential to be manipulated by media oligarchs and false information.


Our project works to achieve these results through the following activities:

Result 1Young people from at least 10 raions have improved their ability to understand and report on social and political issues through media literacy activities; they have developed connections with other stakeholders from their communities and youth from other raions and are able to engage more critically in their communities as civic actors.

Activity 1.1 – Media Literacy trainings for students from rural areas

Activity 1.2 – Blog tours for youth led by well-known Moldovan bloggers and activists on social issues

Activity 1.3 – Moldovan Multimedia Festivals with prizes for the best blogs.

Activity 1.4 –   Guidance and mentoring provided to the youth engaged in media literacy activities. Youth platforms identified and contracted to disseminate project’s media products;

Result 2 local media in different raions have improved their ability to engage with audiences involving youth and where possible local authorities in developing project and media outputs.

Activity 2.1: Small grants for media projects involving local media, local authorities, and trained youth

Activity 2.2: Production and management capacity building trainings for awarded media projects

Activity 2.3:  Local production and dissemination of productions in local media

Result 3local communities in the raions have the opportunities to access safe spaces for discussion including alternative format debates on social and political issues, including human rights.

Activity 3.1:  Organisation of public discussions, including readings on social issues followed by informal discussions organised by the project partners in collaboration with local authorities, youth and other interested actors.