Fostering the effective implementation of a legal framework conducive to Freedom of Expression, Association and Assembly in Morocco (FEAAM)


The overall goal of the project is to foster the effective implementation of a legal framework conducive to freedom of expression, association and assembly and consistent with international standards and best practices, in Morocco.

The project’s first component focuses on supporting the implementation of new laws and regulations and the functioning of regulatory bodies: the Press Code; the Press Council; the Consultative Council for Youth and Associations, for example. The project will also provide input into new draft laws or draft revised laws under review by analyzing the current legal and regulatory framework in Morocco and advocating for compliance with International standards and best practices.

The project will also work to foster and support a broad-based movement of civil society groups, along with a coordinated strategy to improve public understanding and support of freedom of expression, association and assembly. This will be the focus of the project’s second component by reinforcing media and civil society groups to perform a watchdog role for society, thus supporting implementation of current laws consistent with International Human Rights’ norms.

The project will be implemented by IREX Europe, in partnership with Adala, Article 19 MENA and the UNESCO office for the Maghreb countries over a 26 month period.

FEAAM Objectives:

  • Objective 1: To promote advocacy by civil society and media groups for an improved legal framework that protects freedom of expression, association, and assembly, with the advocacy based on a comprehensive analysis of the current legal environment and legislation.
  • Objective 2: To support and build the capacity of lawyers, journalists and media professionals (including new and alternative media actors)and civil society such that they perform a watchdog role that ensure implementation of existing laws and regulations are consistent with international standards.


Our project works to achieve these objectives through the following activities:

  • Legal analysis and recommendations on existing laws and/or draft laws and regulations to ensure consistency vis-à-vis international standards
  • National and international advocacy for improved legal and regulatory frameworks
  • Campaigning for fundamental freedoms: Capacity building and support to CSOs and Media for a wider outreach
  • Promoting monitoring tools and mechanisms
  • Support to the Legal Assistance and Guidance Unit for Moroccan Journalists
  • Regional blog tours on Fundamental Freedoms held for bloggers and HRDs
Project Date : June 2017 - August 2021

Project Partners:

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