Iraq – Re-Versioning and Re-Broadcasting of “Our Constitution” Live Studio Debate Programs



Through the Media and Human Rights: Promotion of Freedom of Expression and Human Rights in Iraq program, IREX is leading initiatives to strengthen the country’s media sector and improve the quality of information available to citizens. The re-versioning of “Our Constitution” programming ensures broader audiences can access the live debate shows that brought experts on Iraq’s constitutional process together with studio audiences in preparation for the constitutional referendum. The project is supported by UNESCO.

Project Activities

IREX Europe is facilitating the re-broadcasting of “Our Constitution,” a dynamic televised studio debate show on critical issues in Iraq’s constitution-drafting process originally produced by the Iraqi Media Network (IMN). This process enables broader distribution via radio stations, the Internet and additional terrestrial and satellite TV channels.

The series of 32 scheduled episodes was developed as part of a broader effort to improve IMN’s credibility in its transition to public broadcaster and were designed by IREX, IREX Europe’s partner organization, with the support of the US Agency for International Development. The weekly 90-minute “Our Constitution” programs created a forum for drafters, experts and a representative 60-strong studio audience to discuss the charter, including controversial issues such as gender, federalism, wealth distribution and the role of Islam in legislation.

The IREX Europe project provides technical assistance for reproducing the “Our Constitution” programming and organizing its rebroadcast by additional outlets nationwide. The IREX Europe project aims to spread the availability of accurate and interesting information on the constitutional process to the Iraqi people via diverse communication means