Jeunesse Active, Médias Inclusifs et Littératie Numérique (JAMIL.Net)


Project overview

Young people make up 30% of Tunisia’s population, however they are largely excluded economically, socially, politically and culturally. Media programmes rarely give voice to youth and rarely address youth needs. That is why the overall goal of the JAMIL.Net project aims to help young Tunisians better engage in society by giving them the skills and tools to become active participants in their local communities and by extension in Tunisian society in general.

JAMIL.Net works in particular to engage with young women and men in the interior and poorer governorates through a program of media and information literacy, with a strong emphasis on digital literacy which includes the use of social media (MIL). Our project targets 5 governorates: Kasserine; Beja; Gafsa; Kebili; and Gabes.

IREX Europe is working with six youth centers were selected in the 5 governorates and in Tunis:  in Kasserine, Complexe des jeunes de Kasserine ; in Beja, Maison des Jeunes de Testour ; in Gafsa, Maison des jeunes itinérante de voyage et de tourisme des jeunes de Gafsa ; in Gabes, Complexe culturel de Gabes ; in Kébili, Complexe des jeunes de Kebili ; and in Tunis, Maison des jeunes Ibnou Khaldoun. IREX Europe is also working with to 5 community radios based in the 5 targeted interior governorates: Cillium FM in Kasserine . Radio Chamel in Beja ; Elyssa FM in Gabes ; and Neszawa FM in Kébili.

The project is implemented in partnership with the French Development Agency, Fondation de France and the US Department of State.

JAMIL.Net Objectives:

Objective 1: To build the supporting infrastructure for and the media literacy skills of young Tunisian women and men in the target governorates through a value-based MIL program that focuses on promotion of and understanding of fundamental human rights.

Objective 2: To strengthen youth engagement with media, the production of media content with a focus on human rights and addressing youth needs, and the engagement of youth in the production of media content in the target governorates.

Objective 3: To strengthen the financial viability of community radios in the target governorates and their ability to serve as a vehicle of youth engagement at the local level.


Our project works to achieve these objectives through the following activities:

  • Creation and launch of MIL centres in Tunisia’s interior governorates and of a MIL coordination mechanism in Tunis
  • MIL workshops and small grants for local youth
  • Capacity building trainings for community radios
  • “Generation What?” production workshops for Community Radios
  • Hackathon for innovative media projects developed by youth
  • Marketing and management training for Community Radios
  • Centralised online marketing platform for Community Radios


The expected results of the project are:

Outcome 1:  A Media and Information Literacy Education coordination mechanism is established in the target governorates, and the trainers use the e-learning platform “MIL” in the 5 governorates and support media projects developed by young Tunisians.

Outcome 2: Young Tunisians have strengthened their engagement with media and have produced media content broadcasted in community radios.

Outcome 3:  Financial sustainability of at least 5 community radios is strengthened creation of a centralized financing mechanism.


This project is funded by the French Development Agency, the European Union, the US Embassy in Tunisia, IREX, la Fondation des droits de l’Homme et the Fondation de France



Project Date : November 2018 - November 2021

Project’s Partners: 


Donors: French Development Agency, the European Union, the US Embassy in Tunisia, IREX, la Fondation des droits de l’Homme et the Fondation de France