Moldova Against All Discrimination


The overall goal

The project is aimed at fighting discrimination against women/the LGBT community and promoting gender equality in the Republic of Moldova through two main components which are 1) building capacity of women/LGBT organisations and activists and 2) increasing public awareness on gender equality issues.



Despite the fact that Moldova has made international and national commitments to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women, the implementation of gender equality and anti-discriminations measures remains problematic.


Women still face discrimination and inequality in social, economic and political life and their representation in Moldovan politics and decision-making remains below international benchmarks. Women in Moldova continue to be challenged by specific education and labour market barriers and face discriminatory practices in different areas. These include significant wage disparities, segregation into lower-paying occupations, unequal sharing of work and family responsibilities and limited access to childcare. Women entrepreneurs face barriers getting access to bank loans and to state-funded business and entrepreneurship development programmes. Violence against women in Moldova is serious and widespread; persistent patriarchal attitudes exacerbate this situation.

The situation with LGBT community is even worse. Despite the existing legal framework of anti-discriminatory acts, tolerance towards homosexuality is low in Moldovan society, which is strongly influenced by the religious communities. Moldova ranked 43rd out of 49 countries on LGBT rights on ILGA Europe’s (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) annual Rainbow Index 2018.


The specific objectives and expected results of the project are:

SO1: Build the capacities of women’s/LGBT rights organisations and activists to better promote women’s and LGBT rights

  • Internal organisational and strategic assessment of the Gender Equality Platform and other women’s organisations (probably) to identify their needs for capacity building purposes;
  • Women’s organisations will receive grants to implement their strategic development proposals;
  • The training and grant scheme implementation within the framework of the National Leadership Academies for Women activists and NGO workers;
  • Provision of Resilience Building Support to women/LBT activists and women/LGBT organisations

SO2: Advocate and raise awareness to promote gender equality and prevent all forms of discrimination against women and LGBT communities

  • Awareness raising events on women issues organized in a network of Libraries across Moldova organized by IREX Europe
  • A series of advocacy events in the frame of the 8th of March International Women’s day
  • Support of the 2020 season of TV talk show “Optmart SRL” and offline meetings with the show’s audience in Chisinau and raions


Project Date : January 2020 – February 2022

Project’s partners:

The Information Centre „GENDERDOC-M

Gender Centru

Project’s donor: European Commission