Promoting media plurality, balance and media literacy in Central Asia


The project aims to increase the resilience of the Central Asian population to false news and disinformation and promote an understanding of the role and responsibilities of the media in a democratic society.

IREX Europe is leading the media literacy aspect of the project, working in collaboration with local organisations to provide training of trainers for teachers, university lecturers, librarians and media organisations to deliver media literacy programmes to encourage critical thinking. We are also developing a media literacy curriculum for the Central Asian context.


With false news a global epidemic and no strong culture of investigative journalism in Central Asia, it is important that individuals have strong critical thinking skills and an awareness of bias in the media so that they are able to make their own informed decisions.

The programme will be based on a training manual and methodology pioneered by an IREX Europe project in Moldova entitled “Strengthening Independent Media and Media Literacy”.  This project set-up media literacy programmes in libraries across Moldova to great success.


  • Training of trainers for university professors, librarians, teachers and other media professionals will equip them to run their own classes in media literacy and critical thinking.
  • A curriculum of lessons and accompanying manual for trainers will be produced for libraries, universities and schools. This will be tailored to the Central Asian context and available in Russian, Kyrgyz and Kazakh languages.
  • An pilot online platform for lessons, exercises and other resources will be tested in Kyrgyzstan, with the potential to be rolled out across all Central Asian countries.



Central Asia
Central Asia Placeholder
Central Asia
Project Date : April 2017 – February 2019

COUNTRY: Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Project Partners:

Project Donor(s): UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK Conflict Stability and Security Fund Central Asia)

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Media literacy training in Central Asia

57 librarians in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan trained in media literacy by IREX Europe experts


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