Promoting Rights, Inclusiveness, Dignity and Equality for LGBT in Albania and Kosovo – PRIDE II+


Project overview

IREX Europe is delighted to announce that the “Promoting Rights, Inclusiveness, Dignity and Equality for LGBT” project in Albania and Kosovo has been awarded a further three years of funding and will continue as ‘PRIDE II’! Building on the achievements of PRIDE I,  PRIDE II+ aims to further strengthen the role of grassroots civil society organisations’ (CSOs) in promoting the acceptance, inclusion and protection of the LGBT minority in rural and urban Albania, with a particular focus on protecting at-risk marginalised youth LGBTs, and promoting respect for the fundamental rights of the LGBT community.

The project includes a focus on rural areas as the situation is extremely complicated for LGBT youth (18-25 years old) outside of Tirana. LGBT youth are frequently the victim of bullying and often excluded and/or rejected by their family and friends for bringing ‘shame’ and dishonour to the community. As a result they often become depressed and either hide their sexual orientation and/or gender identity (SOGI), or if they do come out, are forced run away from home with a high risk of becoming homeless. Suicide rates, drug addiction and sexual exploitation is high amongst youth LGBT. The situation is equally worrying for the transgender community where many of the openly visible trans-persons turn to sex work as they are rejected from all parts of society and unable to secure regular employment and decent housing.

PRIDE II+ will work to strengthening the capacities of local organisations and activists mainly from remote regions (Shkodra, Vlora, Pogradec and Kukes), helping them foster a stronger and more vibrant civil society committed to promoting LGBT rights, as well as human rights in general, at the local level.

PRIDE II+ Objectives:

Objective 1: To strengthen the capacity of grassroots CSOs supporting the LGBT community and to advocate and implement actions improving the acceptance, inclusion and protection of the LGBT community in Albania’s regions and Tirana.

Objective 2: To increase access to protection and counselling support, as well as access to employment opportunities for the LGBT community, with a special focus on ensuring access to basic services for at-risk young LGBT individuals from the regions and Tirana;

Objective 3: To promote a more positive image of the LGBT community and improve their acceptance by the general population in the regions and Tirana.


Our project works to achieve these objectives through the following activities:

  • In-situ trainings to build the organisational capacities for grassroots CSOs
  • Training for the development of advocacy skills for grassroots CSOs and set up of a national LGBT advocacy strategy
  • Service provision support for 350 LGBT individuals through Aleanca community centre
  • Support for 20 at-risk homeless LGBT youth via an emergency residential shelter
  • Subgrants for service provision to the LGBT community in the regions
  • Training on Human Rights and Ethics for students in journalism
  • Subgrants for awareness raising in the regions for grassroots CSOs
  • National public awareness raising campaigns


The expected results of the project are:

Outcome 1: Grassroots CSOs have improved their financial sustainability, and have acquired new skills and knowledge to advocate and implement actions improving the acceptance, inclusion and protection of the LGBT community in Tirana and the regions.

Outcome 2: The LGBT community in Albania, especially at-risk LGBT youth and transgender people, are benefiting from increased and improved counselling, protection and access to employment support in the Regions and Tirana.

Outcome 3: The image of the LGBT community in Tirana and the regions has improved through awareness raising activities in the regions and Tirana.


This project is co-funded by the European Union in Albania and by the French Agency for Development.


Albania and Kosovo
Project Date : Feb 17 2020 - Feb 16 2022

Project’s Partners: Aleanca LGBTProLGBTCEL Kosovo

Donors: European Union and Agence Française du Développement