Strengthening Independent Media and Media Literacy in Moldova III (SIMML III)


SUMMARY:  SIMML III works to combat propaganda and fake news and promote democracy by increasing media literacy in Moldova and improving access to fair and unbiased information on key national and international issues.

Project’s Objectives:

Objective 1: Strengthen resistance to fake news, propaganda and manipulation by the media by building media and information literacy skills in Moldova’s communities.

Objective 2: Improve the quality and quantity of media reports on social and political developments affecting Moldova.

Objective 3: Promote civic participation by strengthening links between media and their communities through open discussion platforms gathering local citizens, civil society and journalists.


IREX Europe’s SIMML project has worked over the last four years to promote increased media and information literacy in Moldova and to expand access to fair and unbiased information on key national and international issues. The lack of a critical approach to the media and a lack of general media literacy leaves the Moldovan population vulnerable to manipulation, fake news and propaganda that seeks to promote an anti-European agenda, as well as exacerbate tensions between ethno-linguistic groups.

Under IREX Europe’s SIMML I and II projects, 113 librarians were trained in media literacy skills bringing them to the level where they can run their own MIL activities in their communities. The librarians have gone on to run more than 200 media literacy trainings and activities in raions across the country, directly reaching nearly 3,000 citizens (youth, adults including seniors, and local authority representatives). Over 30 Media Corners – special spaces where citizens can access news and information with guided assistance from librarians – have been set-up in participating libraries under a small grants scheme.

We have worked with Moldovan media to build the capacities of a new generation of journalists through learning-by-doing internships. 39 journalists and journalism students have received training so far, producing and broadcasting more than 35 video reports, 4 documentaries, 8 radio reports and 70 articles.

An important part of our project has been to promote civic participation. We’ve combined our media production and media literacy components by organizing public discussion sessions in partnership with local libraries – working with the librarians who’ve undergone our MIL training program.


Our project works to achieve these results through the following activities:

Under Objective 1 we are expanding our media literacy training of trainer (ToT) program for librarians, to increase librarians’ ability to provide media literacy activities in their local communities. We are institutionalizing media literacy within the Association of Librarians of Moldova, establishing a team of “Senior Trainers” able to go on and provide ToT trainings to librarians in the future. The Association will also host an “Online Media Literacy Toolbox” which will include an updated MIL manual for librarians and a range of interactive online MIL tools to facilitate providing local MIL activities, particularly engaging youth via online and social media activities. A series of “MIL Summer Fairs” will increase networking amongst librarians whilst providing top-up training for MIL-trained librarians.

   1.1. MIL manual update and development of an open source online manual and online MIL toolbox.

   1.2 Media and Information Literacy capacity building for local libraries 

   1.3 Media Literacy Capacity Building for the Association of Librarians of Moldova

   1.4 MIL communication campaign to raise awareness of media manipulation and the need for Media Literacy. 

Under Objective 2 we will continue capacity building training and learning-by-doing internships for young journalists and journalism students in leading independent Moldovan media, resulting in the production and broadcasting on national and local television (and online and print media) news and information on key social and political issues. Through a small grants program we will provide financial support to local media, linked to quality news and information content production.

   2.1 Journalism students & young journalists’ learning by doing capacity building

   2.2 Journalism & Media Literacy Study tour for Journalists/Student journalist participants.

   2.3 Financial support to regional media

Finally, under Objective 3 we will continue to promote civic interaction through public discussions in local communities.

   3.1.Public Platforms for discussion


Moldova Placeholder
Project Date : September 2018 - September 2020

PARTNER(S): Asociatia Bibliotecariilor din Republica Moldova

DONOR(S): U.S. Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor

DATES OF IMPLEMENTATION:  September 2018 –  September 2020


This project/programme is funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor