PROJECT: “PRIDE for LGBT in Albania”

 IREX Europe is currently recruiting an experienced monitoring and evaluation expert with experience in assessing human rights projects, including projects supporting and promoting LGBTI+ rights.


About IREX Europe

IREX Europe is a not-for-profit organisation based in Lyon, France. We provide innovative programmes to promote human rights, strengthen independent media and civil society and empower individuals through developing critical thinking skills, enabling them to take informed decisions and to claim their rights. The IREX Europe approach emphasizes partnerships with local development organisations to expand capacity, build sustainable institutions and affect change through training, partnerships, education, research and grant programmes.

Objectives and description of the project

Title: “PRIDE for LGBT in Albania – Promoting Rights, Inclusiveness, Dignity and Equality for LGBT in Albania”

Duration: 24 months (from February 15th 2018 to February 14th 2020)

Location: Albania

Partners: IREX Europe (the applicant) in partnership with Alliance Against LGBT Discrimination (Aleanca LGBT) and Tebashkuar Pro Kauzës LGBT (Pro LGBT)

Funded by: The European Commission

Budget: approx 234 494 EUR

Overall Objective: To strengthen LGBT organisations and activists’ role in promoting acceptance, inclusion and protection of the LGBT minority in rural and urban Albania, with a particular focus on protecting at-risk marginalised youth LGBTs, and to promote respect for LGBTs’ fundamental rights.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To strengthen the capacity of LGBT organisations and increase their ability to support their constituencies and improve the acceptance, inclusion and protection of the LGBT community among the general population in Tirana and Albania’s regions.
  2. To increase access to protection and counselling support, as well as access to employment opportunities for the LGBT community, with a special focus on ensuring access to basic services for at-risk young LGBT individuals from Tirana and the regions
  3. To promote a more positive image of the LGBT community and improve their acceptance by the general population in Tirana and the regions, both through media campaigns and offline activities

Objectives of the external evaluation

The aim of the external evaluation is to analyse the relevance, outputs, outcomes, and impact of the project in response to the projects’ objectives and targets as well as its sustainability. The evaluation report should include an assessment of the project impact, potential sustainability, identification of lessons learnt and best practices as well as propose improvements for a possible extension of the project activities. The evaluation of the project should consider the following criteria: Relevance, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Impact, Sustainability.


The evaluation should include desk research, interviews and writing of draft and final report:

  • Desk research: should include a review of all the materials and documentation developed within the project, the reports of the events organised, etc. The consultant should collect all quantitative data from the logframe (list of activities, number of participants, number of supports, etc.).
  • Interviews: The consultant should carry out a sufficient and representative number of interviews and any other methodological tool that the expert/s consider relevant for evaluating the impact of the project with all project partners (skype call with the team in Lyon will be fine, but face-to-face interviews will be mandatory in Albania) as well as with representatives of the target groups, with the representatives of the European Commission and any other relevant stakeholder. The consultant is expected to travel to Albania in order to interview the project target groups and beneficiaries.

Required Outputs

Report: the consultant is requested to produce an evaluation report in English between 20 and 30 pages, including a table of contents, brief introduction, objectives and methodology, observations, lessons learned and conclusions as well as a list of recommendations and annexes (e.g. acronyms, list of persons interviewed, TOR, methodology, calendar, etc.).

Executive Summary: an executive summary should also be included summarising the overall results and impact of the project, as well as the main recommendations for a potential continuation.

Presentation: the consultant is also asked to prepare a presentation of the main findings and recommendations of the evaluation (eg: Power Point Presentation) which can be used by IREX Europe and its co-applicants to present results to external stakeholders.

Approximate duration of the evaluation

Preparation: 3 days

Evaluation: 5-7 days

Report: 5 days


The candidate will be selected based the quality and best value for money of the application submitted. The application will have to include travel costs and field related costs to the country if relevant.

Expertise required

  • Formal education in a relevant field of study (human rights, gender studies, social sciences or related fields) and/or the equivalent combination of education and work experience
  • At least five years’ experience in the field of external evaluation;
  • Experience in evaluating human rights projects and projects supporting LGBTI+ community;
  • Experience in Albania and / or neighbouring countries would be considered a strong asset
  • Fluency in written and spoken English, fluency in Albanian would be a very strong asset.
  • Ability to work independently and on a flexible schedule
  • Excellent computer skills (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)



Launch of call for expression of interest October 23rd 2019
Deadline for the submission of applications November 8th 2019
Selection of the consultant November 15th 2019
Start of the evaluation December 2nd 2019
Implementation of evaluation mission From December 2nd to 13th 2019
Submission of draft report January 10th 2020
Submission of final evaluation report January 25th 2020

Tender procedure

Please send you’re your application and financial offer by November 8th 2019 (6pm Lyon time) to

You can apply individually or as a team of evaluators as long as the budget would not exceed a total of € 3,500. In either case your application should consist of the following:

  • A cover letter outlining experience and suitability for the assignment (no more than 2
  • sides of A4), including contact details for 2 references (per individual)
  • An updated CV(s)
  • Mention of your proficiency in speaking/ writing and reading Albanian – if relevant
  • Links of similar work conducted


Applications received past the deadline will not be considered.

Please note that only experts with prior experiences in Human Rights projects and projects supporting LGBTI+ community will be considered.