IREX Europe is implementing in collaboration with MSCF (Kyrgyzstan), MediaNet (Kazakhstan), Gurdofarid (Tajikistan) and MJDC (Uzbekistan) the EU-funded project “BRYCA – Building Resistance in Youth in Central Asia to the influence of illegal hate speech and misinformation online and on social media”. The 2 objectives of the project are:

  1. To incentivise vulnerable youth in remote areas of Central Asia to participate in online and mobile educational games that build their critical thinking and counter disinformation and illegal hate speech.
  2. To expand access to online information and educational tools that counter disinformation and illegal hate speech, promote critical thinking and the use of reliable independent sources across Central Asia.

The project media literacy approach builds on international best practice and incorporates UNESCO‘s MIL policy and strategy guideline. It recognizes the strong need to give people and in particular youth, the skills and abilities to navigate the increasingly digital information world. Our approach is also to develop locally adapted, practical teaching tools that encourage critical thinking, allow independent verification of information, provide a healthy understanding of how the media works and how it can be manipulated and controlled in order to itself manipulate the public.

Specifically, within the objective 2 we plan to develop a practical MIL Trainer‘s Manual for the local context to ensure inclusion of media characteristic of the target country / regions, as well as adapting it to the identified target group (youth and marginalised youth) and use of the communication tools (i.e. social media) used by this target group. The whole process will be led and supervised by IREX Europe, and practical examples from the target countries will be provided by local partners.

For this purpose, IREX Europe is looking for a Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Expert with experience in training of trainers’ techniques and in working with marginalised youth.

Dates: From May 2020 to March 2021 (4 days for TOT + MAX 10 days for Manual development)

Location: Home-based with travel to Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) for a four-day TOT implementation (beginning of 2021)


The Media and Information Literacy expert / trainer will:

  • Develop a practical BRYCA MIL manual for educators/youth leaders/community workers based on the tools and pedagogical approaches used by the partners and considering specificity of the target group and country/region context. In particular, the expert will:
  • Review the existing MIL Trainers’ manuals / materials and contribute to make it a tool based on practical approach (teaching by doing);
  • Identify and develop strategy on using popular social media tools to reach the target group to be integrated in the manual;
  • Involve and mentor MIL local experts from the 4 target countries in identifying local examples to be used in the different versions of the manual.
  • Implement a four-day training for 10 to 15 people (partners MIL experts and staff) in Bishkek (beginning of 2021) to develop a joint project training approach to be used along the project implementation.
  • Provide mentoring support to the local MIL experts during the workshops’ implementation


  • Formal education in a relevant field of study (media, communication, journalism or related fields) and/or the equivalent combination of education and work experience
  • At least five years’ experience in the field of media, journalism, media literacy, and proven experience in developing and providing trainings of trainers
  • Previous experience in working in Central Asia and working with marginalised youth would be an added value
  • Prior experience in the development of media literacy curricula/manuals
  • Ability to work independently and on a flexible schedule
  • Excellent computer skills (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
  • Superior communication skills, including written and verbal presentation skills, diplomatic and effective liaison and interpersonal skills
  • Fluency in written and spoken Russian is compulsory.

If you are interested please send your CV (including 2 references) to Flora Graioni ( by April 30, 2020. In your CV please highlight the similar experience in designing and delivering trainings. Please also provide the daily fee usually requested for this kind of assignment. All the travel expenses will be covered by IREX Europe.

IREX Europe is a not-for-profit organisation based in Lyon, France. We provide innovative programmes to improve the quality of education, strengthen independent media, foster pluralistic civil society development, and reduce conflict. The IREX Europe approach emphasizes partnerships with local development organisations to expand capacity, build sustainable institutions and affect change through training, partnerships, education, research and grant programmes.