IREX Europe assists nations and peoples in their development

IREX Europe was founded in 2004, in Lyon (France). Over the past fifteen years we’ve worked in 37 countries, mainly in the Eastern Partnership and Russia, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Europe and Central Asia.

Our work focuses on supporting human rights, good governance and promoting democracy by supporting and working with activists and civil society organisations directly, by seeking to improve education, strengthen independent media and reduce conflict.

The IREX Europe approach emphasises partnerships with local development organisations and provides training and capacity building in order to create sustainable change.

We believe we have a particular and unique approach to our work based on our hands-on, labour intensive partnership approach where our project team is constantly involved at every level of our projects’ implementation. We seek to build holistic projects working at multiple levels and over extended periods of time (5 years +) to effect real change where we work.

We do this by seeking to build multi-funded projects that work to strengthen local organisations both as institutions and as more effective actors in their domain. We identify and work with local partners, building long-standing close relationships founded on trust, equal partnership, a sharing of knowledge, expertise and skills, and seek to empower and strengthen our partners and individuals within partner organisations.

IREX Europe operates with funding support from multiple donors, including the EU, United Nations, and bilateral governments.

Our values: Freedom of Expression, The right to education, Equality for all peoples, Inclusive/participative and peaceful communities, Protection and understanding of the rights of individuals

What do we do ?

Gender equality

Gender EqualityIREX Europe works with Human Rights Defenders and activists aiming at promoting gender equality, women’s and LGBTIQ+ rights.


Media and Information Literacy

Media Information & LiterayIREX Europe works to empower citizens to engage critically with what they watch, hear and read – increasing their resistance to fake news and helping them access accurate and objective information.


Freedom of expression

Freedom of ExpressionIREX Europe provides assistance and capacity building to media organisations, journalists, media lawyers and civil society organisations (CSOs) focused on media freedom.


Human Rights

Human right
IREX Europe promotes a community of Human Rights supporters and advocates united by shared values. We seek to support human rights activists and organisations so that they can better serve their communities and better advocate for their rights.


Media Development

Media developmentIREX Europe works to strengthen independent media and help ensure access to alternative sources of information.


Where We Help ?

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2019 Annual Report



2019 was a remarkable year for IREX Europe
Despite the political and financial challenges globally, we ended the year securing important opportunities to expand our work in key areas both geographically and thematically. This has allowed us to begin a process of recruitment and growth, ending 2019 in a position of strength. Our success has been built on a solid foundation of excellent and lasting partnerships in our key countries of action, and of success in building multi-donor funded multi-annual projects. However, while we are working to try to make our vision of better societies a reality in Eurasia, the MENA region, Central Asia, and here in Europe, increasing nationalism and the continued spread of populism are making the support for human rights and civil society increasingly difficult. The work of our partners and human rights activists in particular is becoming harder and more dangerous.



Latest News

July 3, 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic is causing sweeping changes across the globe, and not least in how to continue education and exchanges of information. To mitigate travel…

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June 25, 2020
25 June 2020 in Lyon – As a member of the French Human Rights Network (Plateforme des droits humains – PDH), IREX Europe is proud…

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IREX Europe Staff

Mike, Director
IREX Europe Director Mike de Villiers has over 20 years experience in journalism, international development and media programme management. In that time, Mike has been based in Canada, Britain, Macedonia and France, and has worked in Eastern and Central Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, Eurasia and Asia. He has a strong background in international affairs with a particular focus on the European Union.

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Flora, Deputy Director
Deputy Director Flora Graioni has been with IREX Europe since September 2007, managing media, media and information literacy and civil society projects funded by different organizations such as the EU, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and UN agencies. She is also involved in partnership development and project design.

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Anne-Katrin, Project Manager
Anne-Katrin joined IREX Europe as Programme Manager in March 2015. She manages IREX Europe’s projects to promote fundamental rights and to support Human Rights Defenders. She is also involved in project design and partnership development.

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Viorica, Project Manager
Viorica Palamarciuc joined IREX Europe in April 2016. Starting October 2016, Viorica is managing IREX Europe’s Media and Information Literacy program in Moldova and provides support for the implementation of different donor funded projects. She is also involved in general research on human rights issues and independent media/ freedom of the press issues.

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Pauline, Project Manager
Pauline Zanetti joined IREX Europe as a project manager in May 2017. She is overseeing our work in Eurasia and Tunisia, focusing on the promotion of human rights, improving media literacy, and strengthening community radios.

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Florence, Project Manager
Florence Duvauchelle joined IREX Europe in October 2016 as a project manager and new business developer, coming from 10 years experience in international development.

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Victoria, Project Manager
Victoria Stephens joined IREX Europe in January 2017. She manages IREX Europe’s projects in gender equality and media literacy.

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Gabrielle, Financial Manager
Gabrielle Joint joined IREX Europe in May 2017 as IREX Europe’s Finance Manager, and oversees the financial management of all of our projects.

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Natalia, Project Manager
Natalia Gladkova joined IREX Europe in April 2016 and manages IREX Europe’s projects promoting freedom of expression and human rights in the Eastern Partnership partner countries. In addition, Natalia contributes to partnership and project development.

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Siham, Project Manager
Siham Morabite joined IREX Europe in November 2019, where she manages projects focused on humans rights, freedom of expression and media literacy.

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Céline, Project Manager
Céline Martin joined IREX Europe in March 2020 where she manages projects focusing on Media Literacy, Human Rights and Freedom of Expression.

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